Friday, September 11, 2009

Hi there all (or whomever still reads this blog...)

Summer is going to give us another (tho hopefully last) heatwave for the road (today and tomorrow - 90 and above temps). :-( I will be very happy when Autumn arrives -- hopefully with lots and lots and lots of RAIN! :-)
Our family celebrated my mom's (and my brother's) Birthdays on Wednesday night. (Mom was born on 09/09 and Rob a week later) Mom had her birthday on a neat date this year: 09/09/09! My friend in California got to have her birthday on a neat date in 2006 (on 06/06/06). I will never get to celebrate my birthday on a neat date like that cuz there are no months that go up into the 14s! Oh well -- :-)
On SL this morning - I realized it was/is 9/11 today. (Ugh) It is depressing how much has changed here in the US (and around the world?) since the attacks of 9/11. Many Politicians here have used it as an excuse to get rid of a lot of our freedoms (and the constitution itself). I think we are living in very frightenning times and it is not just from fear of Terrorists. Unfortunately I am not sure I can do anything about what has been going on. It is very upsetting.
I don't want to end this entry on a down note tho -- sooooo.... hmmmmm .......they just released newly re-mastered Beatles CDs on 09/09/09. I would love the boxed sets but I think they are quite above my price range. Still, from the reviews I have read -- they evidently sound wonderful -- I can't wait to hear them! :-)
Have a good day, all -- Hug your family, friends, and pets today (and all days)


Wildstar said...

I read ! I read !
I always read ! :D

Michelle said...

Hey! I read it too! Glad you got onto SL, but too late for me. :)

Dagon Xanith said...

I subscribe to your blog check as often as I am but colors are bit hard for my failing eye sight to read;)