Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LA fires

I know these fires happen every year but I have read that they have been getting larger and more devastating in recent years. Many say that this has nothing to do with global warming but I think there is a definite connection. It makes me sad hearing about the loss of life (both human and animal) that are a result of these huge fires. Having lived many years in Los Angeles - I remember well the "Santa Ana winds" and this fire-risk time of year. There are a lot of fires burning out of control up and down the west coast. My prayers go out to all involved.

Time Lapse Test: The Station Fire from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.


Malicious Intent said...

THAT has to be one of the creepiest videos I have ever seen. Can you imagine living there and seeing that over the horizon? gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

AuroraSkye said...

I can more than imagine it -- Years ago I lived in So Calif and once we had one of those summer fires come VERY close to our home -- we were watching ALL the hills around us aflame and mom was packing things to evacuate! I was busy trying to save my artwork and my Beatles records (giggles) and when my Dad came home from work == he climbed up on the roof and took pictures!!! LOLOL (Mom wanted to kill him !)

Fortunately the fire didn't jump Sunset Blvd and get to our home (altho it was very close) and now we have some fantastic fire pictures! LOLOL