Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I took the music off this site....

Hi there -- I tried having music on this site but I guess I don't like webpages with music even when it is my OWN website! LOLOL I guess I prefer the kind you can click ON --- rather than the kind that you have to search for to click off. LOL I guess it is cuz I have a slow computer and those sites with music seem to really play havoc with the page loading for me. Still - it is a shame - cuz I LOVE music and I love hearing other peoples' favourite songs and being able to share MY favourites! (Oh well)
On other news -- it is drizzling today!!!! Whooo Hoooooo!!!! I LOVE it!!! It is such a pleasant change from the constant sunny days! It is my brother's birthday today! I already gave him presents but I wanted to stop by and give him a birthday cupcake (or cheeseburger) or something. LOLOL I guess it is good I didn't stop by tho -- cuz it seems that they are not at home at the moment. He says he likes the 2nd Season "Get Smart" DVD, "Matrix" video, and Larson book I gave him!
:-) I hope you all have a wonderful day! :-)

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