Friday, February 13, 2009

Why do I always have such bad luck with Helpers? :-(

Well, .... I guess I have to try to go thru the whole awful interview process again to find another Helper! :-( Jennifer was supposed to help two times a week but so far I think she has only come for 2 hours for the month of February so far. I HOPE she is alright! I am worried about her to be honest. She cancelled last Wednesday and said that she could come today (Friday) at noon. I called her last night to remind her but never got a call back. Noon came and went today and NO Jennifer and NO call from her at all! I called her again (cuz I don't want to call her too often) and I DID write her an email .... so far there have been NO responses at all ! :-(
If she has decided that it really IS too much for her to work for me at this time -- I wish she would at least have the decency to call me about it. Otherwise it wastes my days and it also causes me to worry about whether she is OK or if she has gotten into an accident or something. All the times she has worked for me, she has stressed that she believes that it is "rude NOT to call the 'Employer' if you can't work that day or if you are going to be late," and so far, she has been pretty good at calling to cancel at least. That is why I am really wondering what is going on right now. :-( I really do hope that she is OK.
BLAH! :-(
Oh ... PS: For Princess --- For some reason -- I have not been able to leave comments on your blog anymore. :-( There have been many neat posts you have written that I have tried to leave comments to -- but I keep getting "an error on the page" and the comment box never appears. :-( I just wanted to let you know, in case others are having this problem as well, and in case you are wondering why I have not commented on your blogs lately.
For Malicious Intent -- For some reason -- I can't even GET to your blog page anymore! (sniff) It says that I have to be invited -- and asks for my name and password == but after I type them in -- it says I have not been invited. I would love to be invited to be able to view your blog (*if that is ok with you) I love seeing how you are doing and checking out your writings etc!


Princess Ivory said...

AuroraSkye, I do not know why you cannot leave comments on my blog. Please try to leave one on my most recent post and let me know what happens.

AuroraSkye said...

I tried to leave a comment to your Happy Valentines Post- this AM -- cuz I love that candy pic! (grins) and it still wouldn't let me -- but I will go and try again! :-)

AuroraSkye said...

Darn, I just went over again and tried again -- for some reason it is not bringing up a square on the right side *(or anywhere) to type a comment into -- so then I click "COMMENT" again, and I even try DOUBLE clicking it -- but the page keeps coming up without a square to type into! :( I USED to be able to leave comments on your blog -- have you changed some sort of setting recently?

Princess Ivory said...

You have to click "comments" at the bottom of the post, and then on the next screen you have to click "post a comment." The first "post a comment" under "What next" takes you to "Post a comment" again further down the screen. Click on THAT one and see if it works for you.

I didn't do this to the blog BTW - Blogger is being weird.

Alphonsus said...

Hi, Aurora. I'm sorry you are having problems with your helpers. With luck, everything will be fine with the next one.

As for your posting problems, I'm wondering if the problem might be with your browser. Try downloading Firefox ( or Google Chrome ( and see if it gives you the same problems.


AuroraSkye said...

TY both-- Princess -- I have been clicking the comments and Post a comment buttons as you have suggested but I will keep trying ...

Alphonsus -- I will try your suggestions for browsers too.

THANKS both of you! Huggsss!