Friday, February 27, 2009

I took some cute pics of Blueberry! (One of my sweet catlets) :-)

Isn't she cute??? I know these are a bit close but it is hard to control the stupid web cam --esp cuz it is connected by a wire and the cat doesn't seem to want her picture taken. But still == she is a cutie! (grins) Now I need to take some pics of Tai Chi! (grins)
What a sweet little face! (smiles)


Wildstar said...

thank you for showing Blueberry to us ! :))

Malicious Intent said...

Blueberry, what a perfect name! Blue looks as if to be saying in that first picture "Sorry, no photos our autographs today, I am just way to busy and famous!"

AuroraSkye said...

She DOES look like she is saying that, MI!! LOLOL I love it!

(grins) You've totally captured her personality! lol