Friday, February 20, 2009

For Some reason my Postcards from SL are no longer coming in... :(

I like to send myself a lot of "postcards" from Second Life -- to save nice memories and to post some in this blog== but for some reason == the "send a postcard" bit seems to be no longer working for me! I sent a test email out to myself = and it came back fine== so it is not my email -- so it must be good ole SL! :-( I really find this frustrating, tho, because it is a royal pain to save the files directly to my computer because they only come in as ".bmps" -- MUCH bigger files than what fit my needs ..... and I certainly am NOT going to "upload" them every time at $10 lindens a shot -- so darnit -what gives, SL????
It is really upsetting too because before it dawned on me that this was happening (or NOT happening in terms of NO postcards being sent) ... I had taken (and lost) MANY MANY MANY carefully composed -- NEAT postcards pictures! (darn it!!!) :-(
Oh well, at least I took the one I will post here with today's blog== by using Photoshop and the "Print Screen" function. But I wish I knew how to get my SL postcards working again!
The above pic is of my new-ish display for my animated gowns on SL. I made two new "Celestial Gowns" within the last two days. They look neat and are fun to wear! They look so much better while being worn (especially at Midnight setting) but I lost all the neat pics I took of three of us in them tonight and now I have crashed out of SL so I can't post them here.


Anonymous said...

You might look into your "Junk E-Mail" or "Spam" settings - your e-mail service may be marking the postcards as spam.

Wildstar said...

in the latest versions of the viewer, Aurora, you can choose the format for saving images, either BMP or PNG or JPG. Look at the advanced options of the "save snapshot" menu

AuroraSkye said...

TY both!!! Those are great suggestions and ideas. I didn't know about the choices for formats for saving images now, and I am not sure of how to find my spam settings but I will look!! Whoo hooo! I will check all of that out!

Thank you both!!! :-)

AuroraSkye said...

Darn -- I went into my email options and I see nothing about spam --- I don't have a special folder for spam --and I have never had things set up for any mail to be sent anywhere but into my INBOX -- so I am not sure what to do! :(