Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hi there--

I guess I am in the mood to complain a bit about the Dr I met yesterday. She may be a good Dr (in fact, I am hoping she is a VERY good Dr) but there were a couple of things she said yesterday that she was way off about. I was too much in shock to disagree with her (and it prob wouldn't have been a good idea to disagree with her anyway (I have had some weird experiences with Drs getting VERY defensive if you DARE disagree with them) So I guess I will write about it here.

First of all, I carry a large container of water around with me all the time cuz I found that my throat gets very dry if I am not able to sip some water all day. Well, this Dr insisted that it is BAD for you to drink water all day (that is very different than what I hear everyone say) And then this Dr insisted that I drink water all the time because I have an oral fixation and I need to have something to suck on all day. Well -- that is patently ridiculous! I may be oral -- I mean == I like food - I admit it,... but I sip on my water cuz my throat gets physically dry! If I want to satisfy my "oral fixation" - the first thing I reach for is certainly NOT water!!!! LOLOL (sheesh) It would be icecream, or candy, or or or or or...... (I can't help but wonder if she would have even SAID that if I were VERY VERY skinny like she is).

Then, as I got up to leave, this Dr said: "You eat to stay awake!"

HUH?????? She has got to be kidding! Where on Earth did she get THAT idea? First of all, I have the UNHEALTHY habit of NOT eating for hours and hours on end (especially when I am involved in artwork or on SL) and I can often stay awake for 36 hours straight in these instances. So when I DO eat (usually when I have waited sooooo long I am feeling physically sick --from NOT eating <----- I never said I had good habits here- LOL) I promptly fall asleep afterwards. (Maybe cuz all the blood rushes to my stomach to digest?) So, if anything, I eat to fall asleep!

Anyway -- I just had to complain because those were very weird things to say on her part (in my opinion) and I sure hope that she is better at helping with sleep apnea than she is at making realistic comments about my eating/drinking habits. :-/


Mykyl said...

bleh... doctors! what do they know? :))

I hope that you are right though about the sleep apnea part - if she is a specialist in that area she might be able to help a lot more.

FD Spark said...

I have had my share of experiences with doctors who may or may not have been good doctors and often felt they made judgments about me that may or may not have been correct or to my liking too for someone who doesn't really know whole lot of about my daily life.
It just not doctors though I have run into it with others in clinic I use to go too.
It sometimes really really has bugged me.
I know this is why I am avoiding dealing with medical things right now.
Few times though I brought up some concerns they said well why didn't you say something sooner.
Although I did have problem when I brought up some concerns about these drugs she had prescribed and she really argued with me that it was wrong.
So its hard.
I relate but you know Doctors are people too. They make mistakes.
It okay to say I think you're making assumptions of me based on my size, you wouldn't be saying the same if I was thin.
I don't eat like I use too but I think sometimes I literally gain when starving myself because now my metabolism is very screwed up.
It was screwed up years ago when I was thin from bad habits, its even worse now that I am older and overweight.
Lot of people make assumptions that all overweight people over-eat.
Maybe sometimes they do but its not always case with all overweight people.

Malicious Intent said...

Bitch away. I don't think you were getting very good advice. Might not hurt to shop around for another doctor. I never heard that drinking water is bad for you. I drink or sip on a bottle all day to, and my throat gets dry also and I cannot stand that feeling.
Pfffffff...she is a quack!

FD Spark said...

Landy told me to tell to you if you can detach the mask and just wear that when you're hanging out and home to get use to machine day it will help.
He said it takes about month for your face and body to use the machine if you use it and practice wearing the mask during the day.