Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hi there everyone :-)

I am sitting here at the computer with a cat over one arm (making it very hard to type) :-) In about 20 mins I leave for a Drs appointment to talk about the sleep apnea. When I tried to make an appointment to meet with the Dr earlier this week == she was booked up all the way to MAY!!!! So I took an appointment 2 to 3 months away and was put on a waiting list in case someone cancelled. Well, someone cancelled so now I meet with her today. (That is a big change huh?) I have no idea what she is going to say or what the appointment is really about other than I guess to go over my sleep studies. I am nervous about it.

I am nervous about getting the breathing CPAP thingy -- but then again from what I hear it is prob a good idea to get one. Maybe I am just having trouble with change. I never have been very good with change. Even if it is change for the better it can still be scary. I guess I am just a chicken at heart. lol

I think I have been avoiding things a lot again lately. I slept all day yesterday and I avoided things on Sunday - by sleeping all day too. I know our days are limited on this planet and I really don't want to waste my days like this. Still, I guess at times I just don't want to be conscious.

Sorry, I didn't mean for this blog to be such a downer. Here's wishing all who read this regularly or who stop by -- to have a wonderful day/week/month. I hope your days are happy, healthy and joyful. HUGS! :-)

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FD Spark said...

No need to be sorry. It isn't depressing and I am real "queen" at depressing blogs.
If you need advice,etc about the CRAP let me know I ask Landy he uses one.
My other friend said hardest part of it was getting adjusted to having something on her face.