Sunday, October 21, 2007

Whoo Hooo -- I have something to blog about! lol

Hi there --- I finally have something to blog about .... My brother and sister in law lost one of their cats to cancer earlier this year. His name was Nugget and he was the brother to my cat, Tai Chi. He was only 10 years old (way too young to die for a cat) and my sis in law esp was very upset about the loss. Well ...... last night she was searching thru some shelters online and came across a real cute male kitten named Chauncy. She really wanted him but unfortunately my brother would like them to not have ANY more animals at all :-(

Well, my sis in law invited me to come along and see the kitten (he was going to be shown at an adoption day at Petco today). She invited my brother to come along too of course but he wouldn't. I don't want to cause any dissention between them but I must admit -- I think that my sis in law ought to have a right to have a kitten if she wants to -- especially since she will be paying for all the vet bills and doing all the care, feeding, and cleaning involved. Anyway -- we went to view the kitten and he sure is a cutie!!!!! He is one of those Siamese mixes ... with some tabby stripes and white feet! He is very relaxed and friendly. A real sweet heart. My sis in law said that she felt like a weight has been lifted off of her heart (she has been SOOOOO sad about the loss of Nugget) I bought the new kitten a fuzzy kitty bed and a toy - as a gift to the new family member. My brother is not happy about the family addition but hopefully he will come around. Again -- I don't want my brother to be unhappy, but it is so nice to see my sister feeling happier..... I hope my brother comes to love this kitten as much as my sister in
law (and I) love him. Look at the nose on this cat! LOLOL!

Anyway -- for me this is really exciting news -- and I just HAD to share it with somebody so I decided to share it with you all! :-)

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