Sunday, October 21, 2007

It would be fun to change the colour of the title but I don't know how....

Well That previous post worked so....... Guess I will try to actually say something .... Hmmmmmmm..... lolol What the heck do I say??

My Cats say "Hi" lol They would probably be better bloggers than I am. They are very talkative -- especially when they want food or want to complain about me picking them up. :-) Little PILLS they are -- but cute ones, so I guess I will keep them. lol

It has been raining here lately. I LOVE it! It has been beautiful. I also love the colours of the trees. Fall is such a neat time of year. I especially love it before Halloween. :-)

I have been enjoying teaching over at TUi (SL) It is a lot of work and takes up a lot of my SL time but it is fun. Hopefully I will get more builds done so I can teach more than my one class on making a fire staff and a crown.

Well, at least I am back and can hopefully do better at "blogging" now..... Thank again, Alpha (sis!) :-) Hi to everyone! Hugss!