Saturday, January 2, 2010


How NEAT!!!! I just saw on the news that today is a "Palindrome" number (for the USA because we use month/day/year 01/02/2010) A Palindrome is where a saying, a grouping of letters, or grouping of numbers can be read the same way in either direction! These are very rare! The last one was October 02, 2001. And the last "Palindrome" day before that was in 1308!
In the US we will only get 36 of these in the next millennium, where as countries that use the day/month/year style will get 60 Palindrome dates! The next Palindrome date in the US will be 11/02/2011. :-)


Princess Ivory said...

Very cool! Thanks for pointing this out!

Wildstar said...

Cool ! :))

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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AuroraSkye said...

Oh TY so much, Olive Tree ... How sweet of you to leave a comment on my blog!