Thursday, March 5, 2009

I made the box for the dresses -- whoo hoooo!

Took me awhile. But at least I got it done. Trying a different approach this time. I got tired of making each box individually. I have a big day in RL tomorrow -- er -- today. I am dreading it. Then on Friday night-- I will not be able to be online cuz I am having another sleep apnea test (last ones I had were last February of 2008). I sure hope I will be able to sleep that night!
Anyway -- Nighters!!


Princess Ivory said...

Hope your day goes ok for you. It was so nice to visit with you in SL last night after my reading!

Good luck with the sleep test tomorrow night.


Ria khan said...

good good achivement … and in my personal opinion you have done very gud job and you have very gud collection of peacock feather dress 2011 … Some nice collection is also availble on fashion blog..

AuroraSkye said...

TY for your comments -- TY Ria --- I checked out your webpage and tried to leave you a comment 4 times but stupid Blogger kept wanting me to sign in again and again and then seemed to forget that I had already signed in! (Still wouldn't publish my TY comment to you) :-(
You have a wonderful webpage - very informative. I enjoyed the Harry Potter article. You are also VERY pretty! Nice to "meet" you!